If you are looking to buy a mailbox support designed to withstand the severe impact from snowplows and harsh winter conditions, than you've come to the right place! We manufacture swing-away mailbox supports that are Crash-Test Approved and meet safety guidelines outlined by the Federal Highway Administration (see our FHWA letter of approval).  The SwingSAFE Swing-Away Mailbox Support is affordable, easy to install, and will save you time and money by eliminating the need to replace your damaged mailbox and support year after year!

Our two-arm, Swing-Away Mailbox Support design allows your mailbox to swing freely 360 degrees in either direction when struck, and gravity will return it to the original position.  Made from comercial grade steel and galvanized to deter rust, our product can outlast any mailbox support. There are no holes to dig or cement to pour, and our step-by-step directions make for quick and easy installation. Reduce your maintenence by installing a crash-test approved support that is built to last!

Swinging mailbox
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Swing away mailbox
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