Works in deep ditches or flat ground.  Adjustable height allows you to comply with USPS regulations.
Our wood mounting plate allows for mailboxes of all sizes and designs to be easily attached to the support.
Beautify the roadway.  Discounts available for purchases of 5 or more supports. Call for pricing options.
Mailbox support can swing freely 360 degrees in both directions. Minimizes snowplow and vandal damage to your mailbox.
Remove dangerous mailbox supports that could leave you liable for damages to a third party.
Easily accomodates 2 paper tubes. 1 paper tube bracket included in your purchase.
Old beaten up mailbox and support?  You owe it to yourself to install our commercial grade SwingSAFE Swing-Away Support.
The SwingSAFE Swing-Away Mailbox Support without a mailbox attached.
Your old mailbox can easily be attached to the SwingSAFE Swing-Away Support.  Save time and money!


Heavy snow, snowplows, and vandals are no 
match for our commercial grade galvanized steel 
support and our advanced swing-away design. 

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Over 30,000 Supports 
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Beautify The Roadway
Deep Ditches or 
Flat Ground
Snowplow Friendly
Built For All Conditions!
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Trust The Industry Experts  
"Over 25 Years Experience. Over 40,000 Satisfied Customers"